Jill takes her clients to level they never thought they could achieve. If you want to be healthy and live the best quality of life then Jill is your best…
– George DiGianni, Radio Host  The Train Health and Fitness Show  – 1310 The Ticket

Answering the questions I get asked  the most including: “How Much of  What Food To Eat as an Athlete” and “Is Carb Loading Really Necessary?”
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7 All-Star Foods for Athletes of Any Age or Sport

Her question came from left field and I wasn’t immediately prepared to answer. A popular fitness and nutrition podcaster was interviewing me about how athletes could stay in peak form at any age. “If [...]

The #1 Thing My Most Successful Clients Have In Common – A Game Plan

Summer. Is. Over. Well at least that’s what they say when all the kids go back to school, which should almost be the case by the time you read this blog! It’s been hovering [...]

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