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Easy to Use Nutrition Programs for Student-Athletes and Parents

Here you will find my science-based, cutting edge training programs developed for you to become You. Only Better! both on and off the field.

Athletes of all ages and levels can dive into either program below!

Fueling Champions

Fueling Champions combines all the tips, tricks and tools I’ve used with my pro and youth athletes over 15 years of business, into an easy to install playbook for busy sports families so they can stay fueled and focused, together.”

Are you a sports parent or student athlete, learn more here at www.fuelingchampions.org

GAME ON! Home Study Video Course

Must have nutrition and training strategies for better performance on and off the field

What you will get:

Cutting Edge Animated, Training videos in which Jill shows you the science based nutrition and training strategies she teaches professional athletes. Get a sneak peak at www.jilllane.com/gameon

After watching the trainings you will know:

  • What to eat for peak performance and health
  • When to eat: the industry secrets to a more energetic & stronger you
  • How to match your exercise and training to your sport, and life
  • Why you need water and what, if any, vitamins you really need
  • How to set yourself up for success
  • What the hidden hurdles to victory are, and what you can do about them

You will also get:

Audio Coaching from Jill’s All-Star team member and one of the nation’s leading mental conditioning coaches, Deborah Dubree, to make sure your mental game is in line with your vision. ($500.00 value)

Get started now with 2 different investment choices:


OR you can pay it in 2 installments – EACH PAYMENT $98.00

(second payment billed 30 days after first)

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